Advanced Silage Corn Management 2004

Advanced Silage Corn Management 2004 is a production guide for coastal British Columbia and the pacific northwest.

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Editors: Shabtai Bittman and C. Grant Kowalenko

Publisher: Pacific Field Corn Association,
P.O. Box 365 Agassiz, BC V0M 1A0
© 2004 Pacific Field Corn Association
ISBN: 0-9685015-1-6

Individual copies of this publication may be purchased for $50 from the Pacific Field Corn Association. Bulk rates are available.

About the Publisher:
The Pacific Field Corn Association is a non-profit society registered in BC. Its mandate is to carry out the hybrid evaluation program and to promote research and education related to production of field corn and forage crops in BC. The association membership includes representatives from the dairy and beef industries, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture and Food, University of British Columbia (Faculty of Agricultural Sciences), Canadian seed trade, and agri-business.

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