Weather Station

Over 400 stations in agricultural regions are connected to nationwide with approximately 150 stations in BC. Farmwest serves as a data hub and provides a free service for the entire BC agricultural industry to access weather data and a number of decision-aid calculators. 

The calculators use weather data to derive information including evapotranspiration, pest degree days, corn heat unit, growing degree days, manure spreading, etc. that are useful for daily farm operations and planning. 

Weather data from any weather stations once connected to Farmwest will automatically be fed into the decision-aid calculators. Farmers can easily access on their computers and mobile devices weather data and calculators from a station closest to their farm location.

If you feel your region would benefit from an additional weather station to fill some micro-climate areas, you may wish to consider putting in a station to collect long-term weather data for the benefits of your farming community. 

A weather station right on your farm means the data will be most representative of your location to support precision farming. 

Partial funding may be available through the Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) program and Beneficial Management Practices (BMP) program. Please visit their websites for more information.