Job board targeted for agricultural, natural resource, and biotechnology professionals.
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada provides information, research and technology, and policies and programs to achieve security of the food system, health of the environment and innovation for growth.
AgSafe is the non-profit health and safety association for agricultural producers in British Columbia. AgSafe provides site-specific safety education, consultation and materials, as well as online workplace safety resources. AgSafe is also the COR Certifying Partner for B.C.'s agricultural-associated industries and offers a Certificate of Recognition (COR) program for large and small employers.
Founded in 1997, the BCAC Agriculture Council (BCAC) provides leadership in representing, promoting, and advocating the collective interests of all agricultural producers in the Province of BC.
The BC Cattlemen's Association is a non-profit organization that is proud to represent and work on behalf of beef cattle producers in British Columbia.
Formerly called the Okanagan Kootenay Cherry Growers' Association (OKCGA), the BC Cherry Association was formed in 1998 by a small group of cherry growers seeking to pool financial resources to increase research and development of cherry production in the region. Through a voluntary contribution of a penny per pound from each grower, significant gains have been made - not just in research, but in other areas, such as work to get minor use pesticide registrations approved, orchard and employment issues, and forums for growers. Since inception, over $250,000 in grower levy contributions has enabled us do many more times that value in research. The BC Cherry Association's executives also contribute many hours on other matters, such as chemical registration, labor issues, taxation, and public relations for the cherry industry, field days and forums, and communications.
Cover cropping is widely recognized as a best management practice due to numerous benefits for soil health, erosion control, weed suppression, and biodiversity promotion. It helps improve overall farm sustainability and resilience to environmental challenges. This booklet is a resource for B.C. farmers to make informed cover cropping decisions. It offers information on 23 cover species and their suitability for different environmental conditions and management goals.
 Fairs and exhibitions have a significant impact on the economy of British Columbia. They are gathering places for the public, both young and old and offer the public a place to meet, compete and volunteer their services.
The BC Forage Council was established in 1988 to support the forage industry in the province and to provide a unified voice to speak for forage crop producers. The Council is guided by a 14-member board of directors composed of six producers along with representatives from Agriculture Canada; BC Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Fisheries; the University of BC; the Canadian Seed Trade Association; and the Crop Protection Institute of Canada.
The BC Fruit Growers' Association provides products and services to fruit growers, people involved in the tree fruit industry, and the public.
Learn more about the Power Smart Product Incentive Program.
The BC Milk Marketing Board regulates milk production in the province of British Columbia.
The purpose of the BC Milk Producers Association is to provide leadership to advance the legitimate business interest of British Columbia dairy farmers and promote a vibrant, sustainable industry which supplies high-quality dairy products to the consumer.
If you are involved in the sheep and wool industry in BC, learn more about our Federation. Find local sheep organizations in your area, check out membership in the BC Sheep Federation, keep up on news that affects the sheep industry and connect with sheep-related events in your region, all through our web site.
The goal of this website is to provide scientific information about BSE, also known as "Mad Cow Disease", and the systems in place to ensure the safety of Canadian beef.
The biological control of weeds typically involves the local establishment of host-specific organisms from other parts of the world to give continuing control of weeds. Weeds reduce floral diversity and the capacity of land to support wildlife, livestock, trees, and recreational activities. The biological control of weeds has a long history as an economically sound and environmentally friendly method of controlling widespread introduced weeds on uncultivated land.
Locations:  Abbotsford, Duncan, Kelowna, Kelowna West, Nanaimo, Parksville, Saanich, Salmon Arm.
The Canadian Association of Farm Advisors is a non-profit professional organization dedicated to assisting farm businesses by increasing the skills and knowledge of farm advisors. Go to to find out more or call 1-877-474-2871.
The Co-operative grades and markets approximately 3 million pounds of raw wool each year. In addition to handling wool, CCWG operates Stockman Supply outlets across the country. The Co-operative also publishes The Canadian Co-operative Wool Growers Magazine which is designed to assist the wool producer with information and a mail order catalogue for sheep supplies.
The Canadian Dairy Commission (CDC) is a Crown corporation created in 1966 through the Canadian Dairy Commission Act.
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency delivers all federal inspection services related to food; animal health; and plant protection.
CCA is the only national association representing the interests of Canada's 90,000 beef producers.
For over 30 years, CanFax has provided expert analysis of markets and trends in the ever changing North American beef industry. In this new millennium, cattlemen, feedlot managers, and agri-business professionals will continue to rely on up-to-the-minute information as an essential tool for maximizing profit in today's beef sector. Whether your operation needs to plan for three hours or three years into the future, CanFax delivers timely, accurate information for 21st Century cattle industry professionals.
BC’s agricultural news source since 1915. Find out what (and who) is making news in BC agriculture in BC’s highest circulation (and only monthly) farm publication  Email: 
Dairy Farmers of Canada is the national organization representing Canadian producers on 17,000 dairy farms. From promotions and contests to trade and policy questions, and of course nutrition information and statistics, this site aims to be an informative source on the Canadian dairy industry.
Committed to creating a safer work environment for BC's agricultural industry, the FARSHA has strategically located Regional Safety Coordinators throughout the province to provide ongoing safety courses, safety materials and helpful advice.
The Illinois Farm Sustainability Calculator (IFSC) is an open-source spreadsheet-based computer program designed to evaluate the sustainability of any farm--real or envisioned--in the state of Illinois. Users input data from their farm including soil information, the production area of each crop, nutrients added to the fields, tillage methods, the number and type of animals raised, livestock dietary requirements, energy sources used, building energy use, product hauling distances etc. The model takes these inputs, combines them with data concerning crop productivity, carbon sequestration and emissions, energy use for different types of tillage and buildings, alternative energy production, and many other subjects. From these parameters, IFSC produces final balance sheets for animal feed production vs. consumption, energy production vs. consumption, carbon sequestration vs. carbon emission, and nitrate runoff. It also calculates crop yields and indicates how many people the farm can feed. In other words, IFSC allows its user to discover whether or not their current farm design is sustainable and test it against any number of hypothetical farm designs until a sustainable design is reached. IFSC is free and open-source so that any farmer, researcher, or other citizen can download it, use it, and make changes to it free of charge.
This selector will help you find herbicides to control specific weeds in cropping and non-cropping situations. You can begin the selection by choosing a crop, if you know the crop and leaf stage, and then selecting for the weeds you want to control. Click on the results link to display all the products and registered mixes that can be applied to control or suppress weeds for that situation.
Informed Farmers is a new free website that is compiling the best of agricultural information from around the globe into a single quality information resource for busy farmers. This site provides farming information that will give you access to a vast amount of information on farming topics from around the globe, gathered together in one place, digested and ranked by quality and value for your personal information. Our company comprises agricultural consultants with over 35 years of farming and agricultural consulting experience to call on to "separate the wheat from the chaff " in the information revolution and provide you with quality information about all your farming questions.
The Invasive Plant Council of BC's goal is to build cooperation and coordination to protect British Columbia's environment and minimize negative social and economic impacts caused by the introduction, establishment and spread of invasive alien plants.
The Investment Agriculture Foundation strategically invests federal and provincial funds in support of innovative projects to broadly benefit the agri-food industry in British Columbia. Funding is available to help the industry seize new opportunities and deal with emerging issues. 
Informative Articles on fruit growing, government news, agriculture issues and programs, viticulture and wine making techniques. Serving the fruit and wine industry since 1959.
Complete Guide to Raising the Best Animals for Homesteading [and Small Farms!].
this program recognizes the outstanding achievements of young farmers across Canada. The BC & Yukon Region chooses our representative during the annual competition held during AgriFair. Our representative then goes onto the National Event to compete against the other 6 Regional Representatives where two are chosen as Canada's Outstanding Young Farmers.
Objectives of the Peace River Forage Association of BC: to promote, encourage, develop and protect the forage industry; to maximize information transfer and to increase forage knowledge; to develop forage opportunities & appropriate methodologies to apply knowledge effectively to encourage maximum profit for members; and to represent forage producers of the Peace River region in issues important to them.
The Plant Hardiness Zones map outlines the different zones in Canada where various types of trees, shrubs and flowers will most likely survive. It is based on the average climatic conditions of each area.
Serving the BC market with a full line of quality forage, turf and reclamation seed products including seed mixes (custom and Field* Star), lawn grasses and erosion control products. Website: 
Heritage Livestock Canada is a federally registered charitable organization formed in 1987 dedicated to conserving, evaluating and studying heritage, rare and minor breeds of Canadian farm animals. We believe this can be best achieved by maintaining viable breeding groups and preserving the genetics of these rare and endangered breeds.
Recycle Twine on Vancouver Island
Grass, legume, corn, and wildflower seed for agriculture, forestry & reclamation, retail lawn, and professional turf.  Richardson Seed is a brand of Terralink Horticulture Inc. 464 Riverside Road, Abbotsford, BC,  V2S 7M1 Phone: (604) 864-9044  Fax:  (604) 864-8418  Toll Free: (800) 661-4559 Website:   Email:
Seeds of Diversity is Canada's premier Seed Exchange for the passionate gardener. This is the source for information about heritage seeds, seed saving, plant diversity, garden history and your own garden heritage. Discover the incredible diversity of heritage plants! Our members collect and share over 1900 varieties of fruits and vegetables. We are a network of gardeners from coast to coast who can help you to make your garden grow better than ever.
The Silage Experts - Sila Grow is a progressive service driven supplier of superior quality agricultural products specializing in Forage Storage.  We are committed to complete integrity in our products and people.  Based in Salmon Arm, British Columbia, our network of qualified sales people, dealers and office support staff make us the Silage Experts.
With the launch of Small Farm Canada, farmers from coast to coast have access to a high-quality and informative bi-monthly magazine that recognizes small farming as a legitimate and worthy endeavour. Each issue will be packed with the latest research on animal and plant health, trends in direct marketing, how-to plans for shelters and feeders, as well as financial advice, profiles and much (much!) more.
The Soil Conservation Council of Canada is the face and voice of soil conservation in Canada. It is are a national, non-governmental, independent organization, formed in 1987, to provide a non-partisan public forum to speak and act at the national level for soil conservation.
The Sustainable Poultry Farming Group conducts proactive studies designed to evaluate many environmental aspects of poultry farming: manure application rates for various agricultural crops; litter treatments to enhance poultry production practice and the environment; particulate reduction techniques to reduce barn emissions; environmental impact from poultry farming operations.
Terralink Horticulture is a leading manufacturer and retailer of crop inputs to farmers in Western Canada. Since the 1970s we have supported the dairy, range and forage sectors with granular and liquid fertilizers, seeds for forage and range grass, silage, grain corn and alfalfa production, and a wide range of crop protection products including a full line of silage plastics. We have an on-site soil & tissue testing lab. Custom spreading of granular fertilizer and limestone are available in the Fraser Valley. From the mid-1980s we have also grown to be a leading horticultural supplier to the turf, greenhouse, nursery, landscape, field vegetable, small fruit plus forestry and reclamation sectors.  464 Riverside Road South Abbotsford, BC V2S 7M1 Phone: (604) 864-9044 Fax: (604) 864-8418 Toll Free: (800) 661 4559 Website:  Email:
Terralink Horticulture is a leading manufacturer and retailer of crop inputs to farmers in Western Canada. Since the 1970s we have supported the dairy, range and forage sectors with granular and liquid fertilizers, seeds for forage and range grass, silage, grain corn and alfalfa production, plus a wide range of crop protection products including a full line of silage plastics. On-site soil & tissue testing lab at Abbotsford location. Custom spreading of granular fertilizer and limestone are available in the Fraser Valley. We have also grown to be a leading horticultural supplier to the turf, greenhouse, nursery, small fruit, field vegetable and landscape supplies. 4119 – 40th Street, Delta BC V4K 3N2 Phone: 604-946-8338 Fax: 604-946-0766 Website:   Email:
Weeds BC can help you identify your weeds, learn how to manage them and find out what can happen if you don't. This site profiles 80 weeds that are currently present in the province or pose a threat to its economy and environment.