2001 Early (Armstrong)

2001 Armstrong
Company*HybridHeat UnitsRelative Yield**Dry MatterGrainLodging
Advanta Seeds Inc.Garst 8966260012238.450.10
UAP DYNA-GRO7485240012034502.5
Pickseed Canada Inc.EXALT250012029.439.90
Pickseed Canada Inc.Pickseed 2565240011229.244.30
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.39G12250010934.445.50
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.39D81250010934.550.50
Hyland SeedsHLSX1002235010839.449.40
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.39K4025501063355.60
Mycogen Canada Inc.TMF212623501064051.624
Advanta Seeds Inc.Garst 896025001043552.70
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.39A26240010438.152.91.3
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.39N72250010333.949.20
Pride SeedsPride Seeds K118255010333.244.40
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.X0779Y25001033549.40
Syngenta Seeds Canada Inc.NK G-4066235010036.9514.5
Syngenta Seeds Canada Inc.NK N15-Z1250010038.249.40
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.39R10250010037.150.50
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.39P4925009938.347.90
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.39R6224009837.652.11.3
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.39R5224009630.546.70
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.39T6823509635.145.50
Mycogen Canada Inc.17102500924153.52.3
Mycogen Canada Inc.205124008732.450.30
UAP DYNA-GRO748023007934.750.80
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.39J2625007436.854.60
*Advanta Seeds Inc. – Garst Seeds Brand; Hyland Seeds – Hyland Brand; Pride Seeds – Pride Brand; Mycogen Canada Inc. – Mycogen Brand; Syngenta Seeds Canada Inc. – NK Brand; Pickseed Canada Inc. – Pickseed Brand; Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd. – Pioneer Brand; UAP–DYNA GRO – DYNA GRO Brand. **Hybrids were compared to the average of one standard – NK G-4066. This average was assigned a value of 100. The average yield of the standard at Armstrong was 21.0 tonnes of dry matter per hectare.