Late 2003 Quality (Enderby)

2003 Enderby
Company*HybridRelative Yield** (%)Dry Matter (%)Grain (%)Stover ADF*** (%)Stover NDF*** (%)
Syngenta Seeds Can. Inc.NK N33-H61242628.536.456.8
Advanta Seeds Inc.Garst 886511028.630.63860.4
Hyland SeedsHLS0341102539.240.466
PICKSEED CANADA INC.ExAlt11026.239.440.665
Syngenta Seeds Can. Inc.NK N303010929.137.637.860.5
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.37D2510928.339.639.263.8
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.38A8110928.336.339.162.2
Advanta Seeds Inc.Garst 876610927.532.637.159.3
MAIZEX Inc.LF881RR1062940.841.166.8
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.38A2410529.537.440.264.4
Hyland SeedsHL224010428.2414166.1
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.38F7010327.24440.664.9
Advanta Seeds Inc.Garst 875110227.736.139.763.9
Advanta Seeds Inc.Garst 8905RR10128.540.441.866
MAIZEX Inc.MZ27810029.542.841.466.1
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.39K389829.141.140.966.3
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.38459628.338.342.267.8
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.38T279627.636.34064.4
MAIZEX Inc.LF850RR9427.236.441.566.7
Mycogen Brand SeedsTMF949125.343.14267.8
MAIZEX Inc.MZ27-10RR9128.339.342.567.3
Hyland SeedsHLS0218928.437.338.862.2
Syngenta Seeds Can. Inc.NK N25-Y28925.942.240.563.7
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.38G60882940.540.665.9
Hyland SeedsHLS0418824.841.440.164.7
PICKSEED CANADA INC.PICKSEED 25798526.240.841.166.4
Syngenta Seeds Can. Inc.NK N15-Z18028.95044.169.6
*Advanta Seeds Inc. – Garst Seeds Brand; Hyland Seeds – Hyland Brand; MAIZEX Inc. – MAIZEX Brand; Dow AgroSciences – Mycogen Brand Seeds; Pickseed Canada Inc. – Pickseed Brand; Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd. – Pioneer Brand; Syngenta Seeds Canada Inc. – NK Brand; **Hybrids were compared to the average of two standards – 3845 and HL2240. This average was assigned a value of 100. The average yield of the standards at Enderby was 19.6 tonnes of dry matter per hectare. *** ADF = Acid Detergent Fibre, NDF = Neutral Detergent Fibre