Late Quality Average Location

2001 Average Late Locations
CompanyHybridRelative Yield*Dry MatterGrainStover ADF***Stover NDF***
PICKSEED CANADA INC.EXEL11722.432.138.364.6
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.37Y1511224.634.337.364.3
Syngenta Seeds Canada Inc.NK N35-R711124.43539.265
Advanta Seeds Inc.Garst 870710823.737.539.366.4
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.38T2710723.940.94066.8
Advanta Seeds Inc.Garst 875110724.934.239.566.3
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.34K7710721.631.737.863.7
Mycogen Brand SeedsTMF10010521.328.737.163.5
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.38451042639.641.468.5
Pride SeedsPride K37810423.43636.461
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.38F7010025.147.442.268.8
Monsanto Canada Inc.DKC53-339822.237.939.966.5
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.38F109825.343.538.866.6
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.38A249823.839.941.470.2
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.37M819824.341.638.464.7
Syngenta Seeds Canada Inc.NK N30309623.639.237.664.3
Hyland SeedsHLS0349322.337.141.667.9
Advanta Seeds Inc.Garst 89439124.437.940.968.4
Syngenta Seeds Canada Inc.NK N26-L69124.642.538.464.9
Syngenta Seeds Canada Inc.NK EnerFeast 1902137.537.363.7
Mycogen Brand Seeds26108620.942.338.663.8
Hyland SeedsHLS0418521.836.238.665.5
Mycogen Brand SeedsTMF948421.440.640.867.7
Hyland SeedsHL25058432.942.441.369.4
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.39V627923.648.940.768.4
*The combined average yield of the standard hybrids at Agassiz and Chilliwack was 18.1 tonnes of dry matter per hectare. This average was given a value of 100. **The relative yield must be compared to the standard dry matter yield shown in the last column. For example, NK N35-R7 yielded 11% more than the average (17.2 t/ha) of the standard hybrids for the number of test-years indicated (4). ***The number of years in which the hybrid was tested (during the last five) multiplied by the number of locations where it was tested. *** ADF = Acid Detergent Fibre, NDF = Neutral Detergent Fibre