Early Quality Average Location

2001 Average Early Locations
CompanyHybridRelative Yield*Dry MatterGrainStover ADF***Stover NDF***
Hyland SeedsHLS00912726.935.638.365.8
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.38F1012625.239.63966.1
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.38F7012122.439.939.865.8
Hyland SeedsHLS01211724.834.238.265.7
Mycogen Brand SeedsTMF212611724.835.837.464
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.39K4011722.838.240.865.6
Syngenta Seeds Canada Inc.NK N255511422.937.439.465.9
Hyland SeedsHLS01411226.638.337.865.7
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.39K3811123.9373965.5
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.39G1211125.943.840.165.9
Hyland SeedsHLS02111124.231.338.464.6
PICKSEED CANADA INC.ExAlt11022.433.84066.5
Advanta Seeds Inc.Garst 896610822.832.941.766.2
Hyland SeedsHL224010722.932.94066.5
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.39N7210724.841.741.266.8
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.392110624.734.638.163.3
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.39D8110523.939.840.867.1
Syngenta Seeds Canada Inc.NK N15-B410422.636.839.463.9
Monsanto Canada Inc.DKC39-471032233.337.962.6
UAP DYNA-GRO74851022431.83863.5
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.39V6210122.343.53863.9
Hyland SeedsHLSX10021012436.240.368.4
PICKSEED CANADA INC.PICKSEED 256510123.936.139.967.1
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.X0779Y10024.142.539.564.5
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.39R521002439.940.165.6
PICKSEED CANADA INC.PICKSEED 23389925.341.739.866.5
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.39R629724.741.440.566.1
Monsanto Canada Inc.DKC35-509722.638.737.263.8
Mycogen Brand Seeds18779620.838.739.965.6
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.39R109624.940.139.465.1
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.39A269623.138.538.463.2
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.39P499624.942.437.864.3
Syngenta Seeds Canada Inc.NK N15-Z19424.142.541.968.1
Syngenta Seeds Canada Inc.NK G-40669422.539.438.866.3
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.39J26932546.540.267.9
UAP DYNA-GRO74759223.537.138.665.7
Mycogen Brand Seeds20519121.24239.565.2
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.39T689127.542.441.968.2
PICKSEED CANADA INC.PICKSEED 25859024.337.539.565.9
Mycogen Brand Seeds17109023.538.138.764.3
Syngenta Seeds Canada Inc.NK NX11209023.243.543.669.7
Monsanto Canada Inc.DKC27-128824.241.537.864.7
Hyland SeedsHLS0078723.541.539.565.7
Advanta Seeds Inc.Garst 89608622.74139.866.3
Syngenta Seeds Canada Inc.NK G-40438520.635.540.265.7
Syngenta Seeds Canada Inc.NK N09-A48223.538.441.268.6
UAP DYNA-GRO74808225.24139.565.9
*The combined average yield of the standard hybrids at Abbotsford and Saanich was 17.6 tonnes of dry matter per hectare. This average was given a value of 100. **The relative yield must be compared to the standard dry matter yield shown in the last column. For example, 39K38 yielded 15% more than the average (17.5 t/ha) of the standard hybrids for the number of test-years indicated (8). ***The number of years in which the hybrid was tested (during the last five) multiplied by the number of locations where it was tested. *** ADF = Acid Detergent Fibre, NDF = Neutral Detergent Fibre