2016 Enderby & Long-term Average

2016 AverageOver Year Average
Company*HybridHeat UnitsRelative Yield (%)**Dry Matter (%)Grain %Lodging (%)Relative Yield (%)***Dry Matter (%)Grain (%)Lodging (%)No. of Test Years****Standard Yield (t/ha)
Dow SeedsTMF91Q25275013629.239.1013629.239.10120.4
Maizex Seeds Inc.LFG8755 R275013526.840.1012830.240.80317.2
Maizex Seeds Inc.LF804CBR245012830.844.5012832.446.20218.2
ELITEVENZA R250012428.847.9013528.847.00416.5
Greenfield Genetics17X GT235012033.247.9011236.748.80217.7
PRIDE SeedsAS1047RR EDF240011726.642.1011727.944.80416.5
Dow SeedsTMF94L37280011026.739.0011026.739.00120.4
DuPont PioneerP9188AM265010930.948.4010930.948.40120.4
ELITEYUKON R215010831.549.7011332.448.90218.2
Greenfield Genetics21G GT260010831.648.3010831.648.30120.4
ELITEE49A12 R220010833.348.5010833.348.50120.4
Greenfield GeneticsCaliber GT230010632.749.3010632.749.30120.4
PICKSEEDPS 2520VT2P RIB240010036.451.8010036.451.80120.4
Thunder SeedTH4126RR225010030.348.6010030.348.60120.4
DuPont PioneerP8622AM260010037.346.4010037.346.40120.4
Dow SeedsTMF86H77RA25509826.043.909826.043.90120.4
DuPont PioneerP8387AM25009731.348.8010031.149.70218.2
PRIDE SeedsA5433G3 RIB25009330.748.109933.850.70218.2
Thunder SeedTH7681VT2P23508928.847.808928.847.80120.4
Thunder SeedTH4188RR27008526.948.008526.948.00120.4
PRIDE SeedsA4705HMRR23258328.849.2010233.350.20516.2
* Dow Seeds - Dow Agro Sciences Canada Inc.; DuPont Pioneer – DuPont Pioneer Brand; ELITE – Elite Brand; Greenfield Genetics– Greenfield Genetics Brand; MAIZEX Seeds Inc. – MAIZEX Brand; PICKSEED – DLF PICKSEED Canada Inc.; PRIDE Seeds – PRIDE Seeds Brand; Thunder Seeds – Thunder Seeds Brand. **Hybrids were compared to the average of two standards – AS1047RR EDF, A4705HMRR. This average was assigned a value of 100. The average yield of the standards at Enderby was 20.4 tonnes of dry matter per hectare. ***The relative yield must be compared to the standard dry matter yield shown in the last column. For example, LFG8755R yielded 28% (Relative Yield of 128%) more than the average (17.2 t/ha) of the standard hybrids for the number of test-years indicated (3). ****The number of years in which the hybrid was tested (during the last five) multiplied by the number of locations where it was tested. Trial conducted at Enderby (2012-2016).