2015 Late Agassiz & Long-Term Average

2015 AverageOver Year Average
*CompanyHybridHeat Units**Relative Yield (%)Dry Matter (%)Grain %Lodging (%)***Relative Yield (%)Dry Matter (%)Grain (%)Lodging (%)****No. of Test YearsStandard Yield (t/ha)
Maizex Seeds Inc.LFG 8755R275011633.446.1012836.144.90417.3
Dow SeedsHLS 4302280011536.148.2011337.845.10218.3
Greenfield GeneticsG Prime GTCBLL275011435.756.5010939.352.90218.3
ELITEVENZA R250011234.750.1013037.149.20417.3
Dow SeedsHL SR35275010932.544.2010732.343.40.5517.3
Dow SeedsTMF8106242510737.352.6010737.352.60117.5
PRIDE SeedsAS1047RR EDF240010537.949.2011037.346.70318.2
ELITEE58L17 R250010335.354.2010335.354.20117.5
Dow Seeds4164250010142.954.8010142.954.80117.5
Greenfield GeneticsG 21G GT260010039.255.0010640.550.40.4318.2
DuPont PioneerP8542AM26009941.755.109941.755.10117.5
PICKSEEDPS ExTreme RR26759733.249.509733.249.50117.5
Thunder SeedsTH 4689 RR27009739.252.309739.252.30117.5
DuPont PioneerP8581R25759640.653.2010736.649.90517.3
Maizex Seeds Inc.LF 804CBR24509538.044.909538.044.90117.5
Dow SeedsF2F29826009434.249.109434.249.10117.5
PRIDE SeedsXP3329K23759437.850.509437.850.50117.5
DuPont PioneerP8387AM25009339.654.809339.654.80117.5
Dow SeedsTMF91Q2527509333.548.209333.548.20117.5
Thunder SeedsTH 2146 RR23009338.248.509641.348.70218.3
PRIDE SeedsA4705HMRR23259136.249.409136.249.40117.5
Dow SeedsHL R21923509138.851.9010137.650.80517.3
Thunder SeedsTH EXP 81 VT2P24008940.254.908940.254.90117.5
DuPont PioneerP8622AM26008940.552.609042.852.60218.3
PICKSEEDPS ExLeafy RR26008430.545.508430.545.50117.5
Thunder SeedsTH 7677 VTPro RIB22008041.054.608443.153.10218.3
* Dow Seeds - Dow Agro Sciences Canada Inc.; DuPont Pioneer – DuPont Pioneer Brand; ELITE – Elite Brand; Greenfield Genetics– Greenfield Genetics Brand; MAIZEX Seeds Inc. – MAIZEX Brand; PICKSEED – DLF PICKSEED Canada Inc.; PRIDE Seeds – PRIDE Seeds Brand; Thunder Seeds – Thunder Seeds Brand. **Hybrids were compared to the average of two standards – HL R219 and HL SR35. This average was assigned a value of 100. The average yield of the standards at Agassiz was 17.5 tonnes of dry matter per hectare. ***The relative yield must be compared to the standard dry matter yield shown in the last column. For example, G Prime GTCBLL yielded 9% (Relative Yield of 109%) more than the average (18.3 t/ha) of the standard hybrids for the number of test-years indicated (2). ****The number of years in which the hybrid was tested (during the last five) multiplied by the number of locations where it was tested. Trial conducted at Agassiz (2011-2015).