2014 Corn Silage Hybrids

Coastal Trials

Interior Trials

Table 4.  Dates & Corn Heat Units 2014

Location Planting Date Harvest Date Growing Days 2014 CHU Average CHU Years of CHU
Abbotsford May 16 Sep 22 129 2709 2317 53
Agassiz May 2 Sep 15 136 2905 2680 22
Enderby May 21 Oct 11 143 2945 2851 22

Pacific Field Corn Association

Report on 2014 Field Trials

Silage Hybrid Evaluation:

The number of hybrids submitted for testing was 77, a decrease of 17 from last year. Table 1 shows entry numbers since 2001. Forty-eight early hybrids and 29 late hybrids were submitted. Twenty-six in the Abbotsford Early test and 19 in the Agassiz Late test were submitted for the first time. Table 2 summarizes age profile of entries. The number of clients was nine down from thirteen. One company indicated they are revamping their breeding program and plan to return next year. A second company is re-evaluating their corn program. Two other company brands may be incorporated into that of a third company although this is not clear. The Interior trial located at Enderby continued for a fourth year.

Table 1. Number of Entries per year

Table 2. Summary of entries for 2014

Location Total New Entries Two Years Three Years >= Four Years
Abbotsford 48 26 11 1 10
Agassiz 29 19 3 3 4
Enderby 22 11 5 0 6


Table 3. Summary of Trial Averages

Table 4. Dates and Corn Heat Units (at the top of this page).

Detailed tables for Abbotsford, Agassiz and Enderby can be found in the links at the top of this page. Overall growing conditions in the lower mainland were excellent throughout the season and possibly slightly better in some areas due to timely rainfalls during July and August.

Yields at Abbotsford were 4% lower compared to the 2013 season likely due to a one week later planting and about 100 lower corn heat units. Heat units tracked higher throughout the growing season when compared to the 52 year average. Dry matter was 2.5% higher and grain content was 2.0% lower than 2013.

Yields at Agassiz were lower by 3% compared to the 2013 season. Planting date, harvest date and corn heat units were very close to 2013. A strong, warm wind persisted in Agassiz for the last week before harvest and desiccated 80 to 90% of leaves possibly truncating grain filling and final yield potential. Dry matter was higher by 4.4% and grain content was 2.7% lower compared to last year.

Fourth year results for Enderby had an average yield of 15.7 t/ha, very close to 2012 and 2013 yields. Crop dry matter content was higher by 6.7% compared to 2013 while grain content was similar. Trial location was moved to a new area of the co-operators farm to avoid field variability experienced in 2012 and 2013. However, field variability persisted and additional problems caused by one hybrid not being round-up ready resulted in a higher yield CV of 12.0%. About one-third of the plot data was discarded.

Corn heat units at Agassiz for the May 1 to September 30 period were 3231 for 2014 compared to 3174 for 2013. Both values are the highest two calculated from 123 years of Agassiz weather data.