2013 Agassiz & Long Term Average

2013 AverageOver Years Average
*CompanyHybridHeat Units**Relative Yield (%)Dry Matter (%)Grain %Lodging (%)***Relative Yield (%)Dry Matter (%)Grain (%)Lodging (%)****No. of Test YearsStandard Yield (t/ha)
ELITEVENZA R250014636.852.0013835.949.30216.3
Maizex Seeds Inc.LFG 8755R275013935.748.0013634.645.00216.3
Legacy SeedsL 3961 RR285013034.446.5013034.446.50118.0
ELITEE75S79 R290012231.549.2012231.549.20118.0
Maizex Seeds Inc.LF 815R260012135.745.2011631.337.20316.6
Mycogen SeedsTMF 4312282512031.749.9012031.749.90118.0
Syngenta Canada Inc.N63R-3000GT330011928.844.11.311928.844.11.3118.0
Syngenta Canada Inc.N29T-3220275011835.051.03.611835.051.03.6118.0
PRIDE SeedsA5490RR EDF262511735.147.02.512129.939.50.6416.2
Syngenta Canada Inc.N45P-4011300011733.649.2011733.649.20118.0
Legacy SeedsL 2999 GT260011636.351.2011636.351.20118.0
PRIDE SeedsAS1047RR EDF240011535.447.8011535.447.80118.0
DuPont PioneerP8906R260011443.551.2011539.048.50316.6
DuPont PioneerP8651HR255011038.049.58.112037.849.64.1216.3
DEKALB SeedsDKC 37-41260011039.852.7010133.048.50217.7
Greenfield Genetics21G GT260011041.749.6011041.749.60118.0
Hyland SeedsHL SR35265011033.949.2010528.242.40517.0
Prairie Pacific SeedsPP3388 GTCBLL260010736.452.6010736.452.60118.0
Maizex Seeds Inc.MZ 3225R270010739.151.51.010739.151.51.0118.0
Mycogen SeedsF2F387275010732.144.3010528.338.40316.6
DuPont PioneerP9526AM277510741.454.51.210741.454.51.2118.0
DuPont PioneerP8581R257510739.351.2010831.747.80517.0
Hyland SeedsHLS 4120245010635.954.8010635.954.80118.0
DuPont PioneerP8673XR255010640.355.0010640.355.00118.0
Syngenta Canada Inc.N36A-3000GT285010534.754.4010734.050.80216.3
Hyland SeedsHL R219235010441.251.5010633.850.60517.0
DuPont PioneerP8622YHR260010441.453.5010441.453.50118.0
DEKALB SeedsDKC 43-10275010336.152.8010336.152.80118.0
Greenfield Genetics20M GT255010034.150.9011634.246.40216.3
Syngenta Canada Inc.N23M-3110A270010041.651.0010041.651.00118.0
Maizex Seeds Inc.LF 755RR23509942.051.01.211036.450.70316.6
DEKALB SeedsDKC 38-0326759937.353.6010336.653.00216.3
Mycogen SeedsF2F34327009433.652.009433.652.00118.0
DEKALB SeedsDKC 35-5425759338.152.909338.152.90118.0
Hyland Seeds810524009043.154.009440.353.10216.3
Hyland Seeds816625259041.253.908839.653.80216.3
* Monsanto Canada Inc. – DEKALB Seeds; DuPont Pioneer – DuPont Pioneer Brand; ELITE – Elite Brand; Greenfield Genetics– Greenfield Genetics Brand; Hyland Seeds – Hyland Brand; LEGACY – LEGACY SEEDS INC; MAIZEX Seeds Inc. – MAIZEX Brand; Dow AgroSciences – Mycogen Seeds; Prairie Pacific Seeds – PPS Brand; PRIDE Seeds – PRIDE Seeds Brand; Syngenta Canada Inc. – Syngenta Seeds. **Hybrids were compared to the average of two standards – HL S034 and HL S041. This average was assigned a value of 100. The average yield of the standards at Agassiz was 18.0 tonnes of dry matter per hectare. ***The relative yield must be compared to the standard dry matter yield shown in the last column. For example, A5490RR EDF yielded 21% (Relative Yield of 121%) more than the average (16.2 t/ha) of the standard hybrids for the number of test-years indicated (4). ****The number of years in which the hybrid was tested (during the last five) multiplied by the number of locations where it was tested. Trial conducted at Agassiz (2009-2013).