2003 Late Coastal Trials

2003 Agassiz2003 Chilliwack
Company*HybridHeat UnitsRelative Yield**Dry MatterGrainLodgingRelative Yield**Dry MatterGrainLodging
Hyland SeedsHLS047295010540.429.9011230.338.30
Syngenta Seeds Can. Inc.NK N33-H6285010936.127.1010828.734.90
Advanta Seeds Inc.Garst 8825270010537.833.9011131.7380
Hyland SeedsHLS034285010840.333.6010728.737.10
MAIZEX Inc.MZ278270012144.238.909432.442.30
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.38A24280010642.636.201043142.40
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.38A81290011241.834.80983238.10
PICKSEED CANADA INC.EXEL285010439.331.1010529.135.90
Syngenta Seeds Can. Inc.NK N3030282510542.33909828.838.90
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.37D2528009240.133.5010731380
Advanta Seeds Inc.Garst 886528009839.434.3010329360
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.38T2727759640.235.5010231.240.40
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.384528009544.435.2010233.139.50
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.38F7027501024640.109632.3450
Mycogen Brand SeedsTMF94270010240.338.909529.542.30
MAIZEX Inc.LF881RR270010039.533.609531.540.30
Hyland SeedsHLS041290010437.937.709228.241.70
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.38P7028509537.337.309732.141.60
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.38G6027009546.337.709432.740.50
Advanta Seeds Inc.Garst 876628509641.437.609128.237.50
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.38R9227009443.441.808930.544.80
Advanta Seeds Inc.Garst 875128009538.733.408831.737.10
Syngenta Seeds Can. Inc.NK N25-Y227009043.5390853143.60
MAIZEX Inc.LF850RR26509241.937.508030.737.20
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.38H6729008840.239.608331.443.70
*Advanta Seeds Inc. – Garst Seeds Brand; Hyland Seeds – Hyland Brand; MAIZEX Inc. – MAIZEX Brand; Dow AgroSciences – Mycogen Brand Seeds; Pickseed Canada Inc. – Pickseed Brand; Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd. – Pioneer Brand; Syngenta Seeds Canada Inc. – NK Brand; **Hybrids were compared to the average of two standards – 3845, NK N3030. This average was assigned a value of 100. The average yield of the standards at Agassiz was 13.5 tonnes of dry matter per hectare and at Chilliwack was 19.1