Late Average Years

Long-Term Average
CompanyHybridRelative Yield*Dry MatterGrainLodging# Of Test Years ***Standard Yield (t/ha)
PICKSEED CANADA INC.ExPro12234.1340120.2
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.38F7010530.440.10.7419.2
MAIZEX Inc.LEAFY 211129.637.71.2120.2
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.392110432.137.30419.2
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.38A2411127.338.80219.5
Hyland SeedsHLS03410827.531.51.1319
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.384510630.535.20419.2
MAIZEX Inc.LEAFY 410127.933.50120.2
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.39K389532.736.40419.2
Advanta Seeds Inc.Garst 875110529.733.70219.5
Syngenta Seeds Can. Inc.NK N255510732.439.70.3419.2
Syngenta Seeds Can. Inc.NK N26-L610329.540.40.6219.5
Hyland SeedsHLS0219929.841.13.4219.5
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.38T271052940.50219.5
Monsanto Canada Inc.DKC39-479227.544.10219.5
Hyland SeedsHL22409731.538.50419.2
Syngenta Seeds Can. Inc.NK EnerFeast 110324.840.40219.5
PICKSEED CANADA INC.PICKSEED 25659034.641.52.4120.2
Monsanto Canada Inc.DKC 37-818731.144.40120.2
Advanta Seeds Inc.Garst 8905RR8631.841.82.4120.2
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.39V628529.142.60319
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.38F109527.847.60219.5
PICKSEED CANADA INC.ExCite8130.735.10219.1
*The relative yield must be compared to the standard dry matter yield shown in the last column. For example, 3845 yielded 6% more than the average (19.2 t/ha) of the standard hybrids for the number of test-years indicated (4). **The number of years in which the hybrid was tested (during the last four). Trial conducted at Enderby for 2002 and at Coldstream (1999-2001).