2000 Late Silage Trials (Average locations and years)

2000 Average Late LocationsAverage Over Years (All Locations)
CompanyHybridRelative Yield*Dry MatterGrainLodgingRelative Yield**Dry MatterGrainLodging# Of Test Years ***Standard Yield (t/ha)
Pickseed Canada Inc.EXEL12822.929.9012627.5290617.3
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.37M3411924.828.6011723.229.20416
Mycogen Canada Inc.TMF10011922.224.9011922.224.90216.3
Hyland SeedsHLS03411722.928.2010626.834.14.2617.3
Hyland SeedsHL250511723.929.6011127.132.50617.3
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.38F7011624.938.8011229.145.40817.7
Pride SeedsK28611423.433.501002740.301017.4
Pride SeedsK40711423.224.9011128330.2817.7
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.34K7711221.224.6010820.226.40416
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.38T2711224.634.9011224.634.90216.3
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.38A2411125.433.9011125.433.90216.3
Novartis Seeds NK BrandNK N35-R711123.534.7011123.534.70216.3
Advanta Seeds Inc.Garst 894310424.533.2010723.8320416
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.384510424.835.4010428.439.901017.4
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.37M8110324.440.4010127.244.301017.4
UAP DYNA-GRO741710321.926010321.9260216.3
Mycogen Canada Inc.TMF9410122.234.309625.940.60617.3
Novartis Seeds NK BrandNK N26-L69924.737.709924.737.70216.3
DEKALB Canada Inc.DKC48-839822.639.609822.639.60216.3
Novartis Seeds NK BrandEnerFeast 19722.437.509425.838.80617.3
DEKALB Canada Inc.DK4279723.332.909723.332.90216.3
Novartis Seeds NK BrandNK N30309623.638.409425.239.70817.1
Mycogen Canada Inc.23959521.238.209521.238.20216.3
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.38K06942338.709522.139.70416
DEKALB Canada Inc.DK4408822.33608120.840.30416
* The combined average yield of the standard hybrids at Agassiz and Chilliwack was 16.3 tonnes of dry matter per hectare. This average was given a value of 100. ** The relative yield must be compared to the standard dry matter yield shown in the last column. For example, 37M34 yielded 17% more than the average (16.0 t/ha) of the standard hybrids for the number of test-years indicated (4). *** The number of years in which the hybrid was tested (during the last five) multiplied by the number of locations where it was tested.