1999 Corn Silage Hybrids

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Early Silage Trials (Abbotsford & Saanich)
Early Silage Trials (Average locations and years)
Late Silage Trials (Agassiz & Chilliwack)
 Late Silage Trials (Average locations and years)
Interior Trial (Coldstream)

Maturity Group Location Planting Date Harvest Date Growing Days
Abbotsford 26-May 1-Oct 128
Saanich 20-May 30-Sep 133
Agassiz 6-May 27-Sep 144
Chilliwack 25-May 4-Oct 132
Interior Coldstream 19-May 30-Sep 134


Procedure For Hybrid Evaluation
Trials in 1999 consisted of four replicates with all hybrids located randomly in each replicate. Rows were hand-planted to a population of 75,000 plants per hectare (30,000 per acre). weeds were controlled with herbicides and by hand. Fertilizer application followed common practice, using soil test information where available. Planting and harvest dates in 1999 are as follows:

About the Hybrid Performance Data
Yield of each hybrid is reported relative to the average of standard hybrids as indicated in the tables. Choice of standards does not represent endorsement by the Association.

Only hybrids submitted by companies for testing appear in this bulletin. Hybrid not included should not be considered undesirable.

In comparing hybrids, consider not only yield but also dry matter, grain content and lodging. Some hybrids have more digestible stover than others, but data are not yet available.

To convert dry matter yield from tonnes per hectare to tons per acre, multiply by 0.45. To express this as silage yield at 25% dry matter, multiply by 4.