2007 Forage Cultivar Trials – BC Forage Council


Highway 16 Project Extension

The Highway 16 Crop Testing Unit ( CTU) was able to extend trials at some sites to include 2007 harvest data for alfalfa (Fort Fraser), grass (Fort Fraser and Mapes) and cereal silage (Fort Fraser and Francois Lake). It was not necessary to procure additional funding for this extension.

Alfalfa Harvest – Fort Fraser

Grass Harvest – Fort Fraser & Mapes

Cereal Silage – Fort Fraser & Francois Lake


Barley & Wheat Cereal Grain Summary
Badry, Halltray, and Hatfield 2006 & 2007

Barley: Manny and Ponoka outperformed the check variety AC Lacombe at Badry and Hatfield. Xena outperformed AC Lacombe at Hatfield.

Wheat: CDC Alsask outperformed the check variety Peace at Halltray and Hatfield. AC Crystal, AC Intrepid, and Alikat outperformed Peace at Halltray. In 2007, AC Taber and Infinity were introduced to the sites. In 2007, AC Taber outperformed Peace at Halltray and Infinity outperformed Peace at Badry.

Wheat & Barley Tables with Bushel Weights