Creston Alfalfa Trial Summary 2005

This test was seeded in the spring of 2003, a very dry spring which resulted in below average stand establishment. The data table indicates that 2004 was a better year for alfalfa production compared to 2005. Mean total DM yield for 2004 was 10265 kg/ha compared to 8963 for 2005. Cool and wet summer conditions in 2005 also delayed harvest as evident from the table.

This alfalfa trial was maintained as usual with no fertilizer amendments being applied, and no pesticides applied for control of weed or insect pests. Weeds were a problem (dandelions) due to the poor stand establishment in 2003. This may have influenced the biomass production in this test. Most plots have good number of plants and we would expect that in 2006 we would get higher DM yield from these plots if weather cooperates.

Site Information
Creston, B.C. (49 06 116 31)
606m ASL

Design: RCBC, 4 replications
Plot Size: 1.8m x 6m, 18cm row spacing
Harvest Area: 1.25m x 6m = 7.5m2
Fertilizer: 200 lbs/ac 11-48-0 before establishment
Weed Control: Edge applied prior to seeding
Irrigation: None
Seeded: May 21, 2003

Dr. Surya N. Acharya
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