Foreword 2002

Foreword 2002

Forage variety testing in BC is conducted by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Research Branch (AAFC) and the BC Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries (BCMAFF). Forage testing is coordinated by the BC Forage Council.

The BC Cultivar Evaluation Committee for Forage Crops is a multi-agency committee responsible for coordination, evaluation, and support of registration. Applications for BC support of registration are reviewed by the committee according to prescribed testing procedures which are available from:

BC Cultivar Evaluation Committee for Forage Crops
c/o Dr. F.B. Holl
Lamorna Enterprises Ltd.
2986 West 38th Avenue
Vancouver BC V6N 2X1

Attn: F.B. Holl

Tel/Fax: 604-266-5742

The following tables summarize forage variety trials harvested in 2002. Sources of data are listed at the bottom of each table and these individuals may be contacted for further information.

NOTE: Single-year data is not used for registration support. It is included only to illustrate that testing is currently in progress.