Slurry Manure Injector Developed at AAFC in Agassiz (2015)

 Two-row slurry manure injector

A two-row slurry manure injector was developed by technician Frederic Bounaix and fabricated with the help the AAFC Research Centre mechanic. The slurry injector is for use on research corn plots. The purpose of the injector is to test the concept developed by Derek Hunt and Shabtai Bittman at AAFC in Agassiz to use dairy slurry to replace the ‘starter’ commercial fertilizer typically used for corn. The injectors are set to corn-row space, and designed to deliver a constant rate of manure; the corn is planted as close as possible to the injection furrow a few days later by following the tire tracks. Our research has shown that dairy slurry placed close to corn roots will provide sufficient nutrients to fully replace commercial starter fertilizer. The farmer saves money and avoids overloading the soil with nutrients. Our technique has been adopted in northern Germany, confirmed by researchers in the Netherlands and undergoing evaluation in Denmark.


Farm scale precision manure injector – field position

This 6 row injector at 30 inch row spacing applies liquid manure in narrow bands to a depth of 6 to 8 inches.  Chopper distributer ensures no plugging and even distribution.  Corn is planted a few days later over top of injection rows, with no tillage between manure injection and corn planting.


Farm scale precision manure injector – transport position

A fold up wing mechanism was fabricated to enable road transport of tank with mounted manure injection toolbar.