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Website Advertising

  • Rotating Website Ad - $200/year
    Ads appear on the right hand side of the homepage and each article.
    Ads appear throughout the site on a rotational basis.
    Links can be directed to any page on your website.
    Your company name will appear on the Farming Links page with bold text.
  • Fixed website ad on inner page - $100/month
    Ads will be fixed on an inner page of your choice.
  • Fixed website ad on homepage - $200/month
  • Rotating banner ad on Variety pages - $100/year


Advertisement Specifications

Rotating website ads must be JPG or GIF files and have dimensions of 240 pixels wide by 102 pixels tall.

Banner ads at the top of Variety Testing pages must be JPG or GIF files and have dimensions of 468 pixels wide and 60 pixels tall.

Please send your company name, correctly sized ad and contact information to

Make cheques payable to: Pacific Field Corn Association

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