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Best Management Practices for Phosphorus in the Environment

Phosphorus is a naturally occurring element, essential to life. It is a vital component of the genetic material found in all cells and is involved in energy transfer reactions. In many soils and aquatic systems, phosphorus is the element that limits growth. When phosphorus is supplied, plant growth is stimulated. In most agricultural situations, additional phosphorus will improve productivity. But in rivers, streams and lakes, phosphorus can cause problems by stimulating excess plant growth and reducing the quality of the water.

Manure Spreading Advisory #4 for 2018: South Coast Region

The Manure Spreading Advisory Committee (consisting of industry and government representatives) is advising against manure applications due to lower air temperatures, the increased potential of significant rain events, and lack of vegetative cover and/or reduced nutrient uptake of cover crops. The committee will monitor weather and soil conditions and will issue further advisories as conditions change. Principal environmental risks associated with manure application: