No PFCA Silage Corn Testing this year

The Pacific Field Corn Association’s Corn Hybrid Trials will not be undertaken in 2018. The Agricultural Research and Development Center in Agassiz is not willing to renew the 30-year-old co-operative framework for access to its facility and use of the necessary equipment to undertake the testing program. Since there are no other freezing, grinding and drying facilities that can be efficiently utilized by the staff, the PFCA has no other alternative but to discontinue to offer the silage corn testing program.

There is presently underway the development of a BC Forage Action Plan. When this plan is complete, the beef and dairy cattle industry associations will be able to determine their industry requirements for forage variety testing and the future role for the PFCA. 

The PFCA thanks the Agassiz Research Centre for the past 30 years of collaboration.

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