BC's AgriStability Enhancement Program

Providing enhanced income protection for the people who put food on our tables

Following a year impacted by wildfire, flooding and invasive species, farmers and ranchers around the province can recover some of their lost income with the Government of British Columbia’s new AgriStability Enhancement Program.

“B.C.’s agriculture community saw a number of setbacks this year, and our government is helping farmers and ranchers with the difficult circumstances they’re facing,” said Minister of Agriculture Lana Popham. “This program will support agricultural producers who lost income due to circumstances beyond their control, and let them know this government supports farming families and B.C.’s agriculture industry.”

The enhanced AgriStability Program was developed because of the unusual losses in 2017. Broader coverage was required in order to protect the 40-50% of B.C. farmers and ranchers not enrolled in the regular AgriStability program. Under the AgriStability Enhancement Program, B.C. farmers and ranchers can enrol in the regular program late and without penalty. 

“This past year was a very tough year for many residents of B.C., and the impact on many of our ranchers has been devastating,” said BC Cattlemen’s Association general manager Kevin Boon. “The recognition of this, and understanding that there needs to be some assistance to help them get their feet back under them, is appreciated. This chance to enrol in the 2017 AgriStability program without penalty will certainly provide another useful tool to offset some of the production income losses that producers are facing this year.”

“The enhancement to the AgriStability program provides greater opportunity to B.C. farmers and ranchers who were largely impacted by the disaster situations in 2017,” said BC Agriculture Council chair Stan Vander Waal. “We thank the provincial government for their ongoing collaboration during the development of this program.”

AgriStability is a federal and provincial government program that protects farmers and ranchers from margin declines resulting from increased costs or decreased revenue. Payments are made if the farmer or rancher’s current-year margin falls more than 30% below the average of prior years. The AgriStability Enhancement Program is 100% funded by the B.C. government.

Quick Facts:

  • The Ministry of Agriculture estimates B.C. farmers will access between $8 million and $10 million under the Province's new AgriStability Enhancement Program, in addition to the estimated $10 million the federally and provincially funded regular AgriStability program was expected to pay.
  • The B.C. AgriStability Enhancement Program:
    • allows for late participation without penalty;
    • eliminates reference margin limits, thereby increasing support; and
    • increases the compensation paid from 70% to 80%, when margins fell below the 30% payment threshold.
  • In August 2017, the governments of B.C. and Canada announced a $20-million AgriRecovery program to help address the needs of the farmers and ranchers impacted by the summer’s devastating wildfires.

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B.C. farmers and ranchers can learn more about the program and access application forms at:

For information on the AgriRecovery program, visit:


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