BCFC Looking for Producer Participants for Forage Project in Vanderhoof area

The BCFC has successfully secured funding for a new project: "Demonstrating innovative forage production practices to increase climate change adaptation".

We have hired Agrowest Consulting out of Kamloops to complete this project. Dr. Catherine Tarasoff will be the project lead. She has a PhD in Crop Science and Range Ecology from Oregon State University. She will be working with by Dr. Tom Pypker who has experience with weather stations and hydrology.

At this stage, the BCFC is looking for producers who are willing to participate in research to assess innovative farm practices for adapting to climate change and weather related production risks, and to identify new and adaptive management practices. The project will involve the development of tools to support on-farm trials, several farm-scale demonstration sites where the producers complete trials over two summers (2015 and 2016) with the project providing research development support, access to research equipment, lab analyses, and local climate data. (Project Summary is attached.)

The final outcome of this project will be a Workbook and Manual: "How to Conduct Your Own Farm-Scale Research Projects", educational opportunities for area producers through field days and a workshop and increased farm related weather information for the area.

Examples of potential trials (each site will develop their own project)

  • Determine variation in maturity rates of different alfalfa, timothy, oat varieties
  • Investigate Rhizobium spp. issues potentially related to soil temperature, acidity, and soil nutrient relationships
  • Determine the effects of soil acidity and lime application on production, and yield relationships – economics
  • Evaluate Growing Degree Day (GDD) and other methods to predict plant growth stages, and plan harvest to maximize quality, yield and winter hardiness
  • Evaluate various harvest operations, equipment and timing and effects on quality
  • Determine how to bring low fertility areas into full production
  • Evaluate effectiveness of delaying first cut harvest

We are currently looking for producers willing to participate in this farm-scale demonstration project.

Participant requirements:

  • located in forage producing areas in and around Vanderhoof , and located within one of the 5 major micro-climates areas of the region
  • willing to work with the Consultant and Producer Advisory Committee to develop an interesting project on your own land
  • willing to keep detailed records as required by the Consultant willing to host and maintain a weather station on or near your operation willing to provide feedback to the consultant on the draft Manual and Workbook willing to participate from December 2014 until Spring 2017
  • willing to host field days at the research site on your land; the project team will support the organization and delivery of the events

If you are located within the VANDERHOOF area and are interested in participating in this project, please contact BCFC. WE ARE ALSO LOOKING FOR PRODUCERS to form an Advisory Committee to provide overall project oversight, to review the development of the Manual and Workbook, and to act as a source of information for the Consultant.

BC Forage Council
Email:  bcfc@bcforagecouncil.com
Cell: 250-267-6522