Update to Manure Spreading Advisory #4 2014: South Coast Region

Date: December 24, 2014 (Replaces Update on January 2, 2015)

In general, manure application on any crops is not advised.

Refer to Manure Spreading Advisory #4 of 2014 (Oct 23, 2014) (Advisory #4) or the Ministry of Agriculture (David Poon or Geoff Hughes-Games) for more information. Contact information is below.

A special reminder about the movement of all poultry manure in the Fraser Valley: It is important that all those people transporting any poultry manure follow the appropriate guidelines and attain the necessary permits. Please note that these guidelines are subject to the regulations as outlined in Appendix M of the Hazard Specific Plan on the Canadian Food Inspection Agency website www.inspection.gc.ca/ai. (Direct link to Appendix M: http://bit.ly/1EfgniJ). These regulations pertain to all movements of poultry manure in the Fraser Valley.

For more information, including details about the protocol for applying for a manure movement permit, the Ministry of Agriculture contact is Clayton Botkin (phone 604 556-3081; Clayton.Botkin@gov.bc.ca).

Producers are responsible for decisions regarding manure spreading. Legislation gives no specific dates for manure spreading but it does not allow for manure to be spread in a manner that causes pollution.

This Update is produced by government, in partnership with industry, to provide guidance to farmers regarding the Agricultural Waste Control Regulation and the ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT ACT. If a discrepancy arises between this document and the legislation, the legislation takes precedence. Following this advisory does not relieve anyone from their obligations under the LEGISLATION. The Province of British Columbia does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information referenced here from legislation, and in no event is the Province liable or responsible for damages of any kind arising out of its use.

For general information on manure spreading, please contact the BC Ministry of Agriculture: David Poon, P.Ag 604-556-3098 Geoff Hughes-Games, P.Ag 604-556-3102

For more information about the restrictions on poultry manure movement, you can contact: Clayton Botkin, P.Ag 604-556-3081

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