Highway 16 Forage & Cereal Variety Evaluation 2003-2006

The Highway 16 Crop Testing Unit ( CTU) established 24 varieties of grass and an equal number of alfalfa varieties at three sites each in 2003. These were harvested in one to two cuts as rainfall produced measurable dry matter in 2004 to 2006 except for the alfalfa test at Mapes which winterkilled in January 2005. A fourth grass test was reseeded at Mapes in 2004 and harvested in 2005 and 2006. A total of twenty varieties of oats and barley were sown and harvested for cereal silage at four sites in all years. Fourteen of these varieties were also evaluated for grain production at the same 4 sites (Mapes, Fort Fraser, Francois Lake and Smithers ). This project was funded by the Investment Agriculture Foundation, the Beef Cattle Industry Development Fund, the Nechako Kitimaat Development Fund, Glen Dale Agra Services, BC Forage Council, Sinkut Mountain Cattlemen's Assoc., Fort Fraser Cattlemen's Assoc., Lakes District Cattlemen's Assoc., Smithers Farmer's Institute.

Highway 16 Summary 2007

Highway 16 Summary 2004

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Highway 16 Data Tables 2004-2006