Fraser Valley Variety Trials 2003-2005

Summary and Design

Summary 2003-2005

June 2003
Grass variety testing is again underway in three geographical regions around British Columbia thanks to the financial support of the Investment Agriculture Foundation of British Columbia, the B.C. Cattle Industry Council and industry seed suppliers.  There are three sites located in the lower Fraser Valley, one each in Abbotsford, Chilliwack and Agassiz. These plots contain 17 varieties of orchardgrass, 11 varieties of tall fescue and 10 varieties of perennial ryegrass.

Orchardgrass Agassiz
Orchardgrass Chilliwack
Orchardgrass Sumas

Ryegrass Agassiz
Ryegrass Chilliwack
Ryegrass Sumas

Tall Fescue Agassiz
Tall Fescue Chilliwack
Tall Fescue Sumas