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Forage Pest Update Spring 2020

True Armyworm:  Moth catching is underway on Vancouver Island and the Fraser Valley for this species, Mythimna unipuncta.  So far,  there have been sustained catches of moths on Vancouver Island, but no sign of Armyworm larvae in grass hay or corn.  In the Fraser Valley,  we are catching only about 1 moth per week so very low numbers and not of concern.  

Colleagues in WA and CA are also trapping for True Armyworm and will provide moths for the wing analysis by Dr.

About Farmers’ Institutes in British Columbia

Farmers’ Institutes are rural organizations that are incorporated or continued under the Farmers and Womens Institutes Act RSBC 1996, Chapter 133. They have a long history in British Columbia with some Institutes in existence since the late 1800s. They are cross-commodity in nature and are concerned with most aspects of the farming industry and society from a community agriculture perspective.