Climate Forecasts

The International Research Institute for Climate and Society has recently issued its climate forecasts for the coming four seasons. It is available at:

In addition, please take a look at our relatively new product: "Flexible Forecasts" [ ] as another way to view our seasonal forecasts. There is an article regarding this tool here: for-decision-makers/ .

The IRI's climate forecasts are issued monthly, usually on the third Thursday of the month. For most of the globe, they show estimated probabilities that precipitation and temperature over the next four upcoming 3-month periods will be below normal, near normal or above normal. The forecasts range out to 6 months into the future, and can be viewed for the globe as a whole or for an individual continent in somewhat greater detail. Information about the forecast maps, and how they are developed, is given in the discussion link above the forecast map when a region is selected.

IRI Forecasting Team