Soil Temperature and Soil Moisture Probes (2012)

Is there published temperature curves for seasonal soil temperature, for different soils at different sites and at varying depths. Or are there averages for areas (South East Kelowna in particular) based on ambient temperatures? If so where would this data be found?
The View Winery & Vineyards 

The relationship between soil temperature and air temperature is affected by soil texture, soil moisture content and plant cover.  We don’t have any models built for this relationship although there are some pedo-transfer functions in the literature. We have measured soil temperature at various depths in many experiments. In general, in coarse textured soils, similar to many of those in SE Kelowna, soil temperature in the top 10cm in non-grassed soils tends to respond very rapidly to air temperature and be similar in magnitude.  Below 10cm the response to air temperature is more ‘damped’ and is more affected by soil moisture content.  If this is an on-going question, soil temperature is a cheap and easy measurement to make.

Denise Neilsen Ph.D.
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada/Agriculture et Agroalimentaire Canada
Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre/Centre de Recherches Agro-alimentaires de Pacifique 
Summerland, British Columbia/Columbie Britannique

Many thanks for this! I installed the Irrometer Watermark soil moisture probes and they needed to be calibrated to soil temperature. Since we have 5 different soil types on the 19 hectares of grapes here I was hoping to be able correlate soil temperatures taken at say 20cm depth to those lower in the soil profile for the different soil types. I appreciate the complexity of the issue but still hoped for a simple the simplest way to get the readings at depth to use a long probe thermometer?? Guess so.
Vineyard Manager,
The View Winery and Vineyards